About Us

Dent-Gear Tools manufactures over 500+ different Top Quality
Paintless Dent Removal Tools, and Accessories, with exclusive
design ideas. Dent Gear Tools keeps an active inventory of
tools, and accessories in stock to meet customer demand. We
use only top grade high carbon steel for our tools, and try to
design tools with multi use in mind, by offering universal
handles and standard lengths, to eliminate the redundant
tools you the customer needs to carry.

Dent-Gear Tools has been manufacturing Paintless Dent
Removal tools since 1992. For the first 6 years of production,
tools were manufactured exclusively for our Dent Repair
Company. In 1998 Dent-Gear Tools started making our
innovative tool line available to the PDR public.


     Our tools were designed out of necessity in Non-Drilling
repair environments. Therefore our tips were machined
thinner with longer tapers than other tool manufacturers,
this gives better access and enables quicker repairs. None of
our tools tapers are hand ground, all of our tools are
manufactured on top of the line CNC machines, from high grade
materials, polished to a mirror finish, and triple plated for long
lasting performance you expect from a quality tool.

     By providing thinner tools with strong shafts, we produce
the most useful sets of tools available to the PDR industry.

    All tools are polished and Chrome plated for outstanding
cosmetic appearance and rust prevention. The polished and
chrome finish combines to make a tool that gets into to tighter
areas with greater ease. This finish combination in return
extends the life of the tool. Most tools are heat treated to the
maximum hardness, while some are left bendable or flexible
for access reasons, these tools are listed in our bendable tool
section. Handles are also hot dipped for comfort and easy tool